Line Stop Service

It is a procedure that requires a high level of experience and special safety conditions. Its main goal is not stopping the pipeline flow.

To meet the above, we are able to perform Line Stop Procedures with external or internal Bypass with pressures up to 2220PSI and sizes up to 48” of diameter.

Our Line Stop Procedures are available for the same kind of products as Hot Tapping procedures.

In order to provide the best Line Stop solutions, we have a completely line of actuators and accessories that include:

  • Line Stop Actuators: 3” – 48”
  • Line Stop Housing: Standard & 3Way
  • Cutters: 2” – 48”
  • Sandwich Valve: 4” – 48” ANSI 150/300/600/900
  • Pivoting Plugging Heads: 4” – 48” ANSI 600/900